has a review by Joanna Weiss that looks at the political implications of the show.

The Sarah Palin on TLC is something in between: a woman-of-the-people and a heroic cult figure at once. That doesn’t always make for riveting TV, and it’s not a surefire path to higher office. But Palin will keep, well, tryin’. And when she grins at the camera and says, “you can see Russia from here . . . almost,’’ the joke is on her critics.

Weiss has picked up on one of Palin’s most infuriating talents; her ability to turn an attack on her to her advantage. She uses the “I can see Russia from my house” as shtick. She did it with her notes on her hand, But, while she’s doing that, she writing hard-hitting policy critiques, such as that of QE2, that catches the attention of the WSJ and  Karl Rove, the latter not exactly a fan.

I enjoyed the show. It has political implications, but it was easy to just enjoy the show,

But people might, just might, contrast her boosterism of Alaska, with the One’s denigration of America.