The third largest organization in the world, after the Chinese Army and Indian Railways, is Britain’s National Health Service. Its employees are unionized and hold life and death power over the public. If they strike, people die. They die anyway, because the NHS is incompetent and uncaring. But that is beside the point;  politicians on both sides fear taking on that bureaucracy despite its utter incompetence.

The primary objective of Obamacare was to create a US version of the NHS. It wasn’t about reducing costs or expanding coverage or improving care. It was about moving healthcare from the private sector to the public sector and unionizing it. Once unionized, the workers in one sixth of the US economy could be converted to reliable Democrat voters, forever voting to preserve the system that employed them.

How do we know Obamacare was designed to do that? By its incentive structure. The current employer sponsored system is threatened because it is much cheaper for employers to pay a fine instead of providing coverage. As employers drop coverage, employees are forced into Governmemt controlled exchanges. It goes downhill from there.

How can the GOP repeal Obamacare?

1. Pundits assume that the GOP cannot get enough votes in the Senate to overcome a presidential veto. They need 66 votes to do that. Lets see how that might work. Democrats had 10 seats at risk in 2010 and lost 6 They scraped by in 2 and faced weak opposition in the other 2.  In 2012 they have 20 seats at risk. If it came to a vote, how many of those vulnerable Democrats would vote with an increasingly unpopular President? Because those 20 would provide the margin needed to repeal Obamacare.

2. Defund it. Obamacare requires a vast bureaucracy to administer it. The House can refuse to fund that bureaucracy. The House leadership can cite budget constraints and the fact that Obamacare’s constitutionality has still to be reviewed by the courts as good reason.

3. Work with State Governors to place road-blocks in the way of implementation. The states are supposed to set and administer the insurance exchanges. What happens if they don’t?

4. Gut it with a few strategic amendments. For example, allowing insurance companies to sell high-deductible, low-cost plans nationwide would do the trick. Young people would buy such plans instead of buying expensive Obamacare plans, or paying Obamacare fines.

We don’t have to wait until 2013 to kill Obamacare; we can start the process now, on multiple fronts.