Crist and Castle were RINOs. Both were utter embarrassments to conservatism. The GOP establishment supported both of them against insurgents Rubio and O’Connell. Tea Party folk supported both insurgents, even though both were way behind in the polls.

Rubio was the more impressive candidate and won. However, it was a three-way race and he only scored 48.9% of the vote. The Democrats saw popular Governor Crist as the likely winner and did not put up a strong candidate to oppose him. At that stage, Rubio was polling in the toilet. Rubio surged past Crist and became the GOP nominee. Crist did a Murkowski (or vice versa) and stayed in the race as an independent. Had Bill Clinton convinced Meeks to drop, and endorsed Crist, Rubio may have faced an uphill battle. The closeness of the Governor’s race is indicative of how tough it might have been for Rubio. The Nevada race is instructive because swing white voters went GOP for governor and Democrat for Senator. That could have been the story in Florida.

O’Donnell was in a two-way race in much more Liberal territory -Joe Biden’s old seat, for God’s sake. She was the only one with the guts to enter the primary race. She won her primary against uber-Rino Mike Castle. In the end, she lost to the Marxist Coons. Exit polling suggest Castle would have done just as poorly.

The Tea Party pushed the available fiscally responsible conservatives in both races. I’m real happy Rubio won. I hate that another freakin’ Marxist is going to DC.