The mid-terms will see some dramatic changes in Congress. One of them will be the sudden ascendancy of conservative women, often at the expense of liberal women. Sarah Palin has been endorsing many such women. They’ve all gotten good publicity Some may think it is because she favors women over men without regard to merit. I don’t see that. Look at her list of endorsements. She’s endorsed 81 men and 23 women. I don’t have the stats but that probably isn’t too far away from the ratio of conservative men to women that are running. The key word is conservative.

I would admit that her female endorsements, such as Nicky Haley and Carly Fiorina, have garnered a lot of publicity from Palin’s endorsement. That is by design. Palin knows that more women vote Democrat while more men vote Republican. She is trying to move the women into the Republican corner. She has a good shot at doing that. By actively campaigning for some of the GOP conservative women, she is trying to take away the Democrat’s advantage with women, while changing the perception of the GOP amongst women.