The networks have been doing this story 24/7. The blogosphere, at least, knows about the role of Americans and American technology in effecting an early rescue, thanks to Michelle Malkin. The Chilean President Sebastian Pinerawas was on site to greet each miner as they were rescued. He was also instrumental in ensuring Chile explored every available option for rescuing the miners, apparently with some opposition from within his government. Chile had three parallel efforts going to drill rescue shafts for the miners. They reached out to the world for help and received it. American free enterprise delivered. Not the American Government. Not the Obama administration. No wonder Pinerawas failed to thank Obama in his rescue speech. He noted every Latin American leader, British PM David Cameron, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, but not the one.

The comparison with the Obama administration’s handling of the BP Gulf Oil spill is odious. It never looked like our President took control of the situation. His administration rejected offers from Norway and the Netherlands, experts in dealing with major oil spills.  It hampered efforts by the affected states to control their shorelines. It let the EPA impose its water purity rules, when dealing with a water purity catastrophe. A leader would have cut to the chase and asked how best to deal with the disaster, no matter what it took. Obama focused on blaming BP, the oil industry, and our failure to convert to solar wind powered automobiles. He also stopped drilling in the gulf, destroying thousands of jobs.  Unlike Pinerawas, Obama proved himself no leader.