One of the most wonderful days in my life was when the McCain campaign sprung Sarah Palin upon the world as his VP candidate, and I watched it on live TV. Why? Because I had already checked out her history in Alaska, her fight against corruption in her own party, and her successes against the oil  industry and its allies. I hoped against all hope that McCain would spring Sarah upon the world. He did that; and then his campaign tried to bury her.

That’s history. Here we are in 2010. McCain is beholden to her. GOP incumbents lose to her endorsed candidates,  Facebook and Twitter allow her to bypass the MSM (Lame Stream Media in Palin-speak) and she keeps hitting the Obama Administration where it hurts.

The lady has America at heart and risks all to defend American values.

God bless Sarah Palin and may she achieve her dreams for America.  I want a strong America; an America that values work over welfare, strength over weakness, and charity over dependency.

(as an Atheist I use God to represent the Judeo-Christian values of religious Americans)