How could any atheist support a fundamentalist Christian like Sarah Palin? Heck, she admits in her own book that she is a “Creationist”. She believes a divine being rules her life. She should be the antithesis of an atheists’s candidate.

I’m an atheist. My parents were atheists and socialists. When I was four years old I remember discussing theology with my younger brother. We truly believed in Santa Claus. We concluded that Santa was magic and God wasn’t. Santa delivered. I was somewhat puzzled by the local book seller’s stamp appearing on my gifts, but I figured Santa was just out-sourcing.

The ACLU goes crazy about “In God we Trust”.  I’d rather trust a non-existent God to give me alienable rights compared to any human agency. My rights are innate or God-given;  same difference.

Sarah Palin uses her religion to guide her life. Maybe God advises her, or she answers her own prayers. I don’t know and I don’t care. She ends up with the right answers. I’m only interested in what she can do to save America. She has the moxie, she has the experience, and she has the courage that we want to see in a leader. She’s got my support.