Candidate Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. He didn’t tell the people that the end result of his transformation would be a bankrupt America. But, that’s where we are; on the precipice with a clueless Commander-in-Chief. Who is standing there, waving their arms, and telling us we are on the precipice?

Let’s go back to 1938. One man was standing there, waving his arms, and telling the world it was on the precipice. That man was Winston Churchill. It wasn’t the President of the United States. Had the world heeded his words, a 100 million people would not have died needless deaths (50 million in WW2, 45 million under Mao, the rest wherever Communism reigned).

So, which Republican is out there waving their arms? The only one who conveys a sense of urgency, the same urgency the Tea Party movement expresses, is Sarah Palin. She is carving out a direction and asking patriots to follow her.