From the get go, she sustained vitriolic personal attacks from the the Castle (RINO) campaign. She survived and whipped Castle in the GOP primary. Now it’s the left’s turn to rip her to shreds. The hand-wringer’s at Powerline seem to think that a decade-old dabble in witch-craft, as revealed by Bill Maher, will sink her candidacy.

Back when Nikki Haley was facing adultery allegations, Powerline wrote:

The more interesting question is whether voters are swayed by this sort of sensational but irrelevant claim. Are we, as a nation, becoming more prudish, at least when it comes to politics? I doubt it, but the South Carolina race might be a leading indicator.

Obviously, the voters weren’t swayed and Nikki Haley prevailed. In fact, the two years of Palin bashing by the left has had one impact; it has taught the electorate that conservative women will be bashed unmercifully, and, frankly, voters are sick of it. All O’Donnell needs to do is convince voters she will against the Obama agenda.