She has already survived a debate with her opponent:

Perhaps the greatest gulf between Coons and O’Donnell came on the question of whether they supported the recently passed healthcare law. Coons said he would work to implement the law “responsibly,” noting that “while we implement healthcare, we have to contain costs without squelching innovation.”

But O’Donnell called for the “full repeal” of the healthcare law, saying that “the federal government was never intended to be as invasive and intrusive into our lives as it is now.”

The response elicited loud cheers from O’Donnell’s supporters while garnering sustained boos from Coons backers.

Since 60% of Americans loathe Obamacare, O’Donnell is on the right track. Coons admitted he supports Obamacare. That puts a huge target on his back. If she stays on message, Tea Party Message, she’ll have a good shot.