This is pretty amazing. O’Donnell was not the perfect candidate and she got hit by a “nuts and sluts” campaign by the GOP establishment. But she won, cruising. Palin and DeMint won big time. The partisan Tea Party Express, not to be confused with the non-partisan Tea Party Patriots, also won big time.

Establishment pundit Charles Krauthammer was not happy that Palin and Demint had endorsed O’Donnell. He warned:

Delaware is not Alaska. In Alaska you can endorse a Joe Miller, whose going to win anyway though he’s more conservative. In Delaware, O’Donnell is going to lose and that could be the difference between Republican and Democratic control.

Castle is no different than a Democrat. He will give them key votes on hot topics such as Cap and Trade. Better we go with a weak conservative who will take her marching orders from the Tea Party movement than a RINO who votes Obama.

Krauthammer assumes too much if he expects her to lose. She will win because the forces that propelled her to a victory over Castle will be there for her in the general election. Enthusiasm wins over apathy and Obama’s enthusiasts have gone walkabout.