When I have lots of idle time I play a silly Facebook game I made up. I click on a friend’s icon. That shows me their friends. If they don’t have six or more friends, I click the back button, and try again. Otherwise, I click the their last-listed friend icon. The objective is to circle the globe until you find a friend in common again. It’s an expression of the idea of six degrees of separation. Obviously, you’ll spend a lot of time within a circle of local friends, and then you’ll find one in a different state, or a different country. I haven’t gotten home yet, but I’ve been all over South America, Africa, Europe and the US.

Facebook has incredible world-wide penetration. It demonstrates that most of the free world is connected. The exceptions are obvious – North Korea, Cuba, and Iran. I haven’t seen much Facebook activity in the Muslim world; except Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey.