His claim is ambiguous. Is he claiming his critics talk about him as a dog would (bark, bark), or is he claiming they are talking about him as if he were dog-like? The latter construction seems more plausible.

Well, they are just wrong. Obama is not like a dog.

Let me counts the ways:

1. Dogs are loyal and faithful.

2. Dogs don’t lie.

3. Dogs don’t cost their owners trillions of dollars.

4. Dogs don’t bow; they treat enemies like fire hydrants.

5. Dogs respect and love their owners.

6. Dogs defend their territory.

7. Dogs are color-blind.

8. Dogs don’t hide their true intentions by acting friendly.

That was pretty simple. It reminds me of the old joke about the Irish politician who asked the Speaker if he might refer to his opponents as sewer rats. The speaker said most certainly not, to which the politician responded “Thank you Mister Speaker. All the sewer rats in the world will rejoice at your ruling”.

Dogs really need to know they are not like Obama.