I remember Bill Clinton’s state of the union address at the height of the Lewinsky scandal. Despite the immense pressure on him, he stood up and did a Presidential job.  I admired the fact that he could do such  stand-up job despite the pressure. He shrugged off his opponents and plunged forward. Let me be clear; I think he’s a sleaze-bag, but he used his command of the presidency to move the public beyond Lewinsky.

Obama doesn’t come close to matching Clinton’s command of the office. His prime-time speech on the end of combat operations in Iraq did nothing for us and gave hope to our enemies.

Obama should reflect on the example of Winston Churchill. In Britain’s darkest hours in World War II, he kept hope alive. After the horrendous retreat from Dunkirk, England feared the Nazis would invade from France. But the Nazis could not cross the English Channel without control of the air. The Luftwaffe did its damnedest  to destroy the RAF, but failed. It had the right strategy; destroy the British airbases and it was succeeding.  But the British launched a daring bombing raid against Berlin and so enraged the Nazi leadership that they redirected the Luftwaffe to hit British cities. This they did, with deadly effect. The Blitz killed thousands of civilians, and caused enormous damage to the cities.  The respite gave the RAF the chance to rebuild, regroup and win the “Battle of Britain“.

Leadership provides inspiration. In times of war, it is critical. Churchill was the right man, at the right time.

Our current leader returned a bust of Churchill to England, By this one pathetic act he showed that he had no understanding of history, no understanding of the historic relationship between the US and Great Britain, and no understanding of leadership. He is no leader and the people know it. That includes all those apolitical independents who bought into the MSM narrative. They won’t be fooled again.