Allen West was a shoo-in; so Palin’s endorsement was icing on the cake. Ditto her other lower-48 endorsements today.

But, back in Alaska, she endorsed Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent. The pundits on left and right thought that she had backed a loser; that the Palin touch would prove a kiss of death. Despite being outspent 10:1, or some such ludicrous ratio, it seems Joe has prevailed. He credits Palin, as the pundits are now forced to admit.

Two forces were unleashed by Obama’s pursuit of a radical agenda, contrary to the moderate image promoted by his campaign. The GOP started to fight against it, in its usual limp  fashion, and the ordinary folks exploded against it. The Tea Party movement seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was an expression of dissatisfaction with the direction of the nation under Obama. The Tea Party movement transcends party politics. It represents ordinary citizens awakened by the peril faced by our Republic from the frontal assault by Obama and the progressives. It has a name and it has power. Palin has positioned herself as the leader of the Tea Party wing of the GOP. She hasn’t done it explicitly, but that is where people see her.

She just gained a lot more respect today. Even from Krauthammer.