Here’s the contrast.

Palin goes to ANWAR to demonstrate that the proposed onshore drilling area is a wasteland and that America would be better off exploiting it.

Meanwhile, our President visits battery factories to extol his uneconomic energy fantasies:

Obama and his advisers are apparently smitten with batteries. They fit perfectly in his green agenda. The factories are creating new jobs. And with a miniscule share of the market right now, there’s nowhere to go but up.

“You guys are at the cutting edge,” Obama said in Menomonee Falls. “You’re how we’re going to strengthen this economy.”

Which is pretty much what he said in California last March, when he announced $2.4 billion in funding for advanced battery research.

Obama has fallen for the Spanish fallacy: investing in uneconomic energy production is good for the economy. Recently wised-up Spaniards would beg to differ.

Palin knows that exploiting our domestic oil and gas reserves is a matter of economic and national security. Either President Obama knows that too, in which case he is actively working against America’s security by strangling domestic production, or he is too blinded by his ideology to let common sense inform his decision making. I’m going with the second option since that matches his track record to date.