The long reason is contained in this comment responding to Obama voter Mort Zuckerman’s US News & World Report article Obama’s Anti-Business Policies Are Our Economic Katrina:

From the horse’s mouth

I have owned small businesses for thirty-five years. What the public at large, and government employees and elected officials, do not understand is that business owners and top managers make day-to-day decisions in the same manner that individuals make decisions in their lives (such as what car to buy, where to shop and when to make major purchases).

Many, if not most, of us small business owners keep our mouths shut but we read about what is going on at the State, National, and International level, and those of us who have survived a long time, tend to plan ahead.

Based on what Obama said repeatedly when he was campaigning, our Company began to downsize (planning ahead) and restructuring (planning for the changes Obama told us up front he would introduce (such as healthcare plans that we knew, from years of experience, meant higher premiums for us to pay if we continued to insure our employees).

Also, just like many other businesses, we are not planning massive new products, just some minor changes to existing product lines, because we see that consumers are also not spending freely. We have laid off all staff who are not essential to our newly re-structured organization and are running it very efficiently and cost-effectively because we are concerned that we will have a significant percentage increase in expenses from new government regulations and so on (it costs a great deal of money to suddenly meet new government regulations and we need to have the capital available to use for this or we would have to close our business; i.e. if we can’t spend the cash to meet the new government regulations then we cannot continue in business because the government will close us down. We have to plan ahead (the words ‘plan ahead’ again) for this very real possibility.

The bottom line is, we DO watch and keep our eyes open and we have to plan ahead for the unexpected hand of government to suddenly come down on us. That is the overall environment that the current administration has in play; that the ‘government’ could shut you down with the stroke of Obama’s pen (read oil drilling here, as one example).

The short reason is nicely captured by this Ramirez cartoon.

H/T Powerline and C4P. More at Forbes.