In the Washington Post he writes:

The hubbub over Nikki Haley’s win in the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary eclipsed what for the rest of the nation could be more significant:Thurmond’s son was defeated in a run for Congress — by a black man [Tim Scott] . This is a beautiful thing, because the fall of the late segregationist’s son counters some stereotypes of the South and some of the noxious impressions Tea Party activists have made.

Dana, you do realize that Tim Scott was the Tea Partiers’ favored candidate and that he had that most potent of GOP endorsements, the nod from Sarah Palin, don’t you? The “noxious impressions Tea Party activists have made” are entirely the product of the left’s Alinsky tactics being directed at the Tea Party movement.

Oh, and then there is the deliberate conflation of the far-left La Rouche Democrats, who showed up at Tea Party events with images of President Obama defaced with a Hitler mustache, with the Tea Party. Well, these loons have a candidate, too: Democrat  Kesha Rogers is running against GOP Rep. Pete Olsonin Texas 22nd District.

There is another point to Tim Scott’s victory that Milbbank misses. Tim Scott won in a district that was majority white. Virtually all black Democrat congressmen come from heavily gerrymandered districts that are overwhelmingly black. GOP voters look at the content of their candidate’s character; Democrat voters look at the color of his skin.