Sarah Palin fans support her because they agree with her positions, admire her track-record, love her patriotism, and respect her integrity. The left attacks her on personal grounds: she wasn’t the mother of Trig, she’s getting divorced, she had a boob job, she’s a religious nut-job, etc. etc. They rarely engage with her on the issues. There is a reason for that. Whenever they do so, she clobbers them. She does it on Facebook and Twitter and Fox News, over and over again. Their only avenue of attack is sexist. If Todd and Sarah reversed roles, and he was the Mayor, and the Oil and Gas regulator, and the Governor, and the VP candidate, while she was the supportive wife, who also did extreme sports, and ran a fishing operation, I’d be just as enthusiastic about him. But I’m conservative and I evaluate candidates based on their track record and their positions. The left doesn’t. They see an attractive woman who is a threat to them and they go completely sexist. Well, the left has a big problem. Sarah Palin is not alone. Conservatives, as opposed to the GOP, have many more tough, attractive, and  accomplished female candidates coming up. They can’t all be attacked with the withering fire directed at Palin without a lot of women and equally disgusted men realizing that the attacks are sexist or worse. Meanwhile, the left is stuck with Pelosi, Boxer and Helen Thomas.

The left sees everything through the prism of race. The vast majority of Tea Party activists are white. By the left’s logic, they must be racist. By the same logic, the vast majority of MSM leftists are white, so they too must be racist. The reality is that the Tea Party movement welcomes anyone who supports their core values. They are:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Free Markets

Thomas Sowell is a hero to conservatives because he preaches those values with penetrating analysis, brilliant insight and lucid prose. The fact that he is black is of little concern; what he says is what matters.

The reaction to Israel’s attempt to enforce its blockade of a pseudo-state ruled by a terrorist organization borders on insanity. But, every leftist, starting with President Obama, has condemned Israel. Let’s explain the issues in simple terms.

Hamas rules Gaza
Hamas’ charter dedicates it to the destruction of Israel
Hamas has initiated thousands of attacks on Israel
Hamas is a terrorist organization supported by Iran
Egypt  supports the blockade
The PLA supports the blockade
Syria, Iran, Al Qaeda and Turkey want the blockade broken

If Israel allows unlimited arms shipments to Gaza, it faces the same problems in the South as it does to the North; massive bombardment of civilian targets by Islamic terrorists determined to exact the Koran’s directives upon Jews. But the left is asking Israel to surrender to the forces of evil. Our President is facilitating those forces.