Mark Steyn is devastating in his analysis of President Obama’s tribute to Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl on signing the “Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act.”  President Obama said:

Obviously, the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is.

Oh yeah. It sure captured the Muslim world’s imagination. One of their heroes killing a Jew on video. Great. Daniel Pearl made sure the world knew he was an American Jew. God bless him. But you can be sure there were Muslims celebrating his murder in the same way as the Palestinians celebrated 9/11. Lots of whooping and hollering “Allahu Akbar” as they fired their AK 47’s into the air. Just like that disturbed Major at Fort Hood.

It hardly captured the West’s imagination because the media treated it like a routine murder. Media mavens lacked sufficient empathy to understand that, had they had Danial Pearl’s courage in pursuing a story, they could have died just as brutally.

Just how does the brutal murder of an American Jewish reporter at the hands of Muslim fanatics “remind[ed] us of how valuable a free press is”?  It doesn’t. Mr. President, that is a non sequitur.  It does not follow that Muslim fanatics killing Daniel Pearl should remind us of the “value of a free press”, just as it does not follow that Muslim fanatics killing 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001, reminds us of the “value of a free press”.

What it does remind us of is the fact that, amongst the billion Muslims in this world, millions of them want to slaughter us, and too many of the rest want to cheer them on. Well, maybe not all of us. You might get an exemption because your father was a Muslim, which, according to the laws of Islam, makes you a Muslim. Heck, you even said “My Muslim faith” on TV. But the rest of us, especially the Jews, gays, atheists, agnostics and cross-dressers, are out of luck if we ever fall prey to one of those Muslims predisposed to holler “Allahu Akbar”.

Presidents are supposed to be careful in what they say. If President Obama was being careful in his words, then God help America, for we have elected a moral monster.