Ronald Reagan believed in Peace through Strength. His policies culminated in the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Barack Obama believes in  Peace through Weakness. It’s that simple. Virtually every action he has taken in foreign policy weakens the United States.

Let’s list some of his actions since taking office.

1. Abandoning missile defense in Eastern Europe, leaving allies like Poland hanging out to dry.

2. Cutting missile defenses across the board.

3. Cutting off F22 production.

4. Setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

5. Setting a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

6. Negotiating with Iran and North Korea without preconditions.

7. Giving Russia everything it wants on nuclear weapons.

8. Insulting our allies, especially Great Britain and Israel,  and bowing to our enemies.

9. Blocking, stalling and delaying any development of domestic energy sources other than Greenie pie-in-the-sky WOFTAMs.

This is a starter list. Maybe I should follow the form of a couple of my links and repost it as Obama’s top ten foreign policy blunders. Others have already done it; check here, here 🙂,and here.