Obama owns the Iranian nukes issue. If the Mad Mullahs don’t stop development of nukes, it will be Obama’s fault. If they get nukes, it will be Obama’s fault. If they use nukes against the Little Satan, it will be Obama’s fault.

Maybe he wants history to record him as the most powerful man in the world, who stood by while the Jewish homeland was wiped off the face of the Earth. Pontius Pilate comes to mind. Given Obama’s twenty years of worship at the feet of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his close personal relationship with the Reverend, I’m not surprised that Obama hates religious Jews and their homeland. Tame, secular Jews he’s OK with. It’s the one’s who practice Judaism that seem to turn him off. Like Prime Minister Netanyahu.

But I don’t think Obama has figured out the consequences of being the primary agent of Israel’s destruction. The blood of millions of Jews will be on Obama’s hands if Iran carries out its threat to wipe Israel off the map. I’m sure the average American voter will be running around, clapping and cheering and shooting their guns in the air, when they hear Tel Aviv just got nuked. No?  They might actually hold Obama personally responsible for the destruction of Israel. I hope he is happy to accept that responsibility.

Of course, those pesky Jews might just decide that one holocaust is enough, and they might try to stop the Mad Mullahs. And they might have left their move too late, and nuclear war breaks out in the Middle East. Obama would own that, too.

Peace in the Middle East, Obama cannot win. That’s a fool’s errand when the Mad Mullahs are within months of obtaining nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. While Obama has wasted 15 months in pointless yapping and useless meetings,  the Mad Mullahs’ centrifuges have been spinning up a storm, one that will define Obama’s presidency.