The GOP candidate list in 2008 had some strong candidates. Guiliani, Romney, Thompson and Huckabee each had their turn as leaders. But, somehow, the GOP ended up with John McCain as their candidate. I can’t quite figure out how that happened. Open primaries were a factor. Huge Democrat dominated states like New York and California have too much influence on the nomination process. McCain coasted in on their votes. But why should the GOP let Democrat  states determine their candidate.

Can the GOP avoid this trap in 2012? Will we end up with another loser like Bush I, Dole or McCain, or a domestic RINO like Bush II? In ordinary times, we could look forward to another RINO. But times have changed.

The Tea Party movement and the associated 9.12 groups appeared out of nowhere and changed the political landscape. The people are watching the political process  this time. We won’t let the GOP nominate a loser. Do that and lose us.