This is a huge problem for the Democrats. Healthcare Reform was Obama’s signature  initiative in his first year in office. He has spent all his political capital trying to ram it down our throats. The States hate it.The People hate it. They call it Obamacare. As goes the One’s poll numbers, so goes Obamacare. Democrats who voted for Healthcare Reform effectively voted for Obamacare. Obama’s policies are polling way under water.  He’s polling below the surface and closer to drowning than surviving.

Politicians are supposed to be realists. But the Democrats have steadfastly ignored the opposition expressed through the Tea Party movement. They have denigrated us. They think the GOP organized us. Yep, there has been some co-opting  of the movement from the Left and Right. The Tea Party Express is linked to the GOP, and has split from the founders, the Tea Party Patriots. A Harry Reid surrogate is running as a Tea Party candidate in Nevada. But the core of the movement has only grown stronger. The GOP is doing some fumbling outreach. The Democrats are insulting us.

The biggest insult the Democrats have thrown our way is Obamacare. They are telling us that bureaucrats in DC can force us to buy health insurance, can define what sort of health insurance we can buy, can decide what treatments are allowed, can discriminate by age based on “qualyears”, and will use the IRS to enforce their will.

We are saying, “Hell no”. Every big government social program has been a fiscal disaster. The list is long and the cost immense. The obvious stars are Social Security, Medicare  and Medicaid. The much hyped CBO costed some of these programs, and got the costs wrong by an order of magnitude, or two. The phrase “Intergenerational Ponzi Scheme” springs to mind whenever I look at Social Security. The current unfunded liability of Social Security, Medicare and Medicare combined is $100 trillion.That’s around $1,000,000 per household. Obamcare promises to be as fiscally disastrous as those progressive programs.