I found this NYT article incredibly ignorant.  The premise is that Tea Party protesters  are mostly unemployed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us are employed. We take PTO to attend Tea Party rallies. Everyone I know in the Tea Party movement works for a living. We protest on our own time. We make our own signs.

We can also do simple math. We know that the $100 trillion in the unfunded liabilities of Government run intergenerational Ponzi schemes are going to make every household in America a negative millionaire. Simple math. $100 trillion divided amongst 100 million households equals a negative megabuck per household. That’s just counting the existing Federal Ponzi schemes. Add Obamacare and the megabuck a family goes up a lot.

These are simple facts. Romney Care in Massachusetts has almost bankrupted the state in a few short years. Worse yet, nobody has gotten better care.

Bonus: Read the comments.

Hint for the NYT. Ignorance is curable; stupidity is forever. So far, you have the benefit of the doubt. Please talk to real Tea Party Patriots. Or not. Your loss come November.