Unlike Obama, she identifies with Israel. She wears an Israel flag pin and her Governor’s Office featured the flag of Israel. On Facebook, she just posted a message wishing a happy Passover to the Jewish people.  American Jews dislike her and Caroline Glick analyses why. Here’s a taste:

In spite of Palin’s extraordinary support for Israel, the American Jewish community overwhelmingly rejects her. As Jennifer Rubin noted in her article, “Why Jews hate Palin,” in Commentary magazine, Jews disapproved of Sen. John McCain’s choice of Palin as his running-mate by a 54 to 37 percent margin. The sneering broadsides published against Palin by leading American Jewish writers are legion.

In her article, Rubin gives a number of reasons for American Jews’ rejection of Palin. On the one hand, American Jews, who overwhelmingly self-identify as Democrats and disproportionately identify as liberals, oppose Palin for the same reason they oppose all social conservative Republicans — because she isn’t a liberal Democrat. What makes American Jews’ rejection of Palin unique is its emotional potency. Rubin argues that the visceral hatred that many American Jews express towards Palin is effectively an issue of class hatred, or snobbery. They are four generations removed from the sweatshops where their great grandparents labored on New York’s Lower East Side. And they don’t like this woman with a funny accent who went to University of Idaho, guts fish and shoots moose.

But, if it comes down to a choice between a President who clearly favors the Palestinian cause, and has made utterly unreasonable demands on Israel, and Mrs. Moose Killer, who proudly supports Israel, then Jews may switch sides. If Iran gets nukes on Obama’s watch, then he’ll lose the Jewish vote. If Iran uses nukes against Israel, Obama will be impeached and it will be his Jewish supporters screaming for his blood.

Obama is losing major Democrat constituencies. The retired hate Obamacare because it guts Medicare. White males blame Obama for costing them their jobs. Corporate America is suddenly discovering that Obamacare sucks big-time dollars from bottom lines.  If the Jews go, Obama is gone. And so are the Dems.

If Obama was actually smart, he would employ the bravado he displayed in  Afghanistan against Israel’s enemies. For the “little Satan’s” enemies are the “big Satan’s” enemies  in our enemies’ world view. Maybe Obama is not even aware the Iran celebrates a Death to America day.

On the evidence, I’m pretty sure Palin would not leave Israel to hang out to dry as Obama has. Jews, take note.