Senator McCain is a progressive RINO, foisted upon us, as the successor to George Bush, by a feckless Republican Party, and the MSM, which was hell-bent on selecting the worst possible GOP candidate to run against the anointed One. In desperation, McCain thought out of the box, and selected the maverick Palin as his running mate. His poll numbers instantly shot-up and the MSM went into overdrive to destroy the upstart who might deprive the anointed One of his destiny. Unfortunately, the McCain campaign didn’t know what gold they possessed and managed her like a typical VP candidate. Despite that, she struck a chord with the people.

Roll forward to the present. Palin is a political and media super-star who can draw huge crowds and big money to any event. She is blasting her views out to the world via Facebook and Twitter. Fox News is giving her huge exposure and paying her for it. Her book made her a millionaire. In contrast, McCain is a failed Presidential candidate, struggling to get reelected as a State Senator. He rarely makes the news, these days.

So, who is beholden to who? Palin is not beholden to McCain or his policies. But he is definitely beholden to her. Had she not campaigned for him, or, worse yet, campaigned against him, he would lose.

She has already established her position on domestic energy exploitation, yet McCain opposed drilling in ANWAR. Is Sarah (Drill, Baby Drill) going to go against drilling in ANWAR or is she going to tell McCain to grow a brain? Pretty easy call.

She understands Global Warming is bogus. McCain still doesn’t. Will she tell McCain he’s clueless on this issue? Another easy call.

See, it makes sense for Palin to campaign for McCain as Senator of Arizona. If she runs in 2012, he’ll have to support her positions. If he loses, not her problem. He didn’t support her positions.

Bottom line: Palin owns McCain. Not owes. Owns.