Thomas Sowell  is one of my favorite columnists. He is one of the best exponents of economic common sense. I buy all his books. As I cruise conservative web sites I come across conservatives like Walter Williams and Larry Elders. The people I’ve named have more recent African ancestry then paler Americans. I could care less. I care far more about their opinions.

It’s sort of weird. Almost all prominent leftists in the media are white. Few respected leftist economists are black. I can’t think of any. The best the MSM can haul out are racist hacks like Al Sharpton  and Jesse Jackson.

Conservatives have stars like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. But we never say, hey, look, we have an African-American on our side. We have something far more important to say; here’s an American you need to read. As I keep saying, it is a pity our current President is utterly incapable of understanding the advice that Thomas Sowell would provide.