We really hate having to do this protest stuff, the telephone calls, the emails, the trips to DC, the meetings, the conference calls, the organizing, all the stuff we’ve never done before. We’re rank amateurs; you can tell by our signs that we’re doing this on our own dime, and on our own time. But Washington has given us no choice. You spend our money with reckless abandon, mortgage our future with mountains of unsustainable debt, and work like crazy to make every American dependent on Washington for our very existence.

We’re just ordinary working stiffs. We know how to run a small business, build a web site, plant a garden, tend to a patient, repair a car, build a truck, deliver a package, and on and on across the millions of jobs we do. We get paid for working, whether it’s a job a we love or a job we loathe, and we are happy to pay some of what we earn for our security and good governance.

But we are fed-up with professional politicians taking us for granted and treating us as their personal ATM machines. Every billion dollars you waste costs my family $10. Every trillion dollars you borrow puts $10,000 onto my family’s share of the national debt. You have brought our great country to the brink of financial ruin and we are demanding that you cease and desist.

When our politicians, or, more likely, their successors, pull us back from the brink, and restore our nation to its founding principles, then, and only then, will we go back to being trusting citizens content to do our jobs, and happy not to do this protest stuff.

Until then, our political class and their entrenched bureaucratic servants should  be afraid, very afraid. We aren’t paid union stooges, we aren’t trust fund anarchists, we aren’t professional students, and we sure aren’t stupid. We learn fast, adapt quickly, and fight hard. We are fighting to take back our country and we won’t stop until we’ve won.