Autoblog reports that the Travel Channel is set to air a new program, called:

America’s Worst Driver,” airs Sunday night at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific Time and is hosted by Last Comic Standing Season 3 winner Alonzo Bodden. It looks for the four worst drivers from a city, as nominated by their friends and family, to compete for the dubious title.

I’ve got some instant nominees: every Toyota and Lexus driver who reported problems and accidents with “unintended acceleration”. You old fogies out there – and most people reporting such incidents are old fogies – if you hit the brake and the car starts moving forward unexpectedly, take your foot off the accelerator, move it a couple of inches to the left, and try again. If that still doesn’t work, shift your car into neutral, and tap anything down by your feet that seems to slow the car down.

And my number one nominee is James Sikes, who claimed his Prius had sped up to ninety miles per hour, but was so busy steering one-handed, while talking on his cell-phone to 9-11, that he couldn’t nudge the transmission into neutral.