This article connects the dots and reveals how Obama’s sponsors were the driving force behind a campaign to destroy Sarah Palin and her family. The Lame Stream Media (as Palin dubs the MSM)  were party to the campaign, carelessly reporting fictional dirt as fact. The constant stream of baseless ethics charges were designed to tie Governor Palin up in never-ending legal battles, tar her as unethical, and bankrupt her family. It is a disgusting story, but very revealing of how the left uses Alinsky’s tactics.

Unfortunately for her enemies, Palin understood what they were doing, and changed the game. She resigned the Governorship and went on the offense. She bypassed the LSM by posting on Facebook. Her posts are short, to the point, supported by links, and devastating to her enemies. She wrote her book in record time and got her side of the story on the record. She topped best seller lists for months, made millions of bucks, and scored a huge megaphone at Fox News. Her fan base boosts the ratings whenever she appears on a TV show. MSM outlets place money over ideology and have tapped into the Palin ratings goldmine. Her personal appearances earn her huge speaking fees, but she is happy to give them back to the causes she supports.

The lady is tough. The more they try to destroy her, the stronger she gets. She is also smarter than her enemies. She uses the hate of their attacks on her against them. Trig drives them crazy. He should be an argument for abortion but she has turned it into a pro-life argument and gained the support of powerful pro-life groups. And she gives a nod to the pro-choice people by admitting that she understood why women might consider a different choice from the one she took.

I don’t know if Palin is going for the 2012 nomination. But she is doing a helluva job of positioning herself to go for it.