Michelle Malkin describes the Obama administration’s war on fishers. Talk about extending the power of the Federal government! They failed to control guns so they are going after rods.

States already regulate fishing. They have local knowledge and mostly do a good job of maintaining a balance between conservation and harvesting. But, greenies, being greenies, believe every fish landed by a human is a crime against nature. Saint Francis Obama has heard their calls. So he wants the feds to regulate fishing.

In my youth, I enjoyed trout fishing in the local rivers. Thirty years later, I prefer to spend my time running trails alongside the Rocky River in the Cleveland Metroparks. Us crazy runners run through all conditions and those crazy fishermen are out there in the same conditions, waist deep in freezing water, trying to lure a trout out from under the ice. I’m going to take a wild guess and figure most of them are the working class people who used to be the heart and soul of the Democratic party. These fishers are going to be real happy about this latest power grab by the Greenies, courtesy of a Democratic President.

I’m sort of happy when the Obama administration screws its own supporters, but it is doing it so often, and so badly, it threatens the nation.