We had read beyond the MSM spin on Barack Obama so we knew he was a Marxist and anti-American. We knew about the Annenburg Challenge, his long association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, his 20 year association with the racist Reverend Wright, his penchant to use dirty tricks to win elections, and his utter lack of any executive experience.

We used our status as registered Democrats to vote for Hillary in the Ohio primary. America survived Bill Clinton once he mastered the arts of triangulation and compromise. If we had to get a Democrat, then Mrs. Clinton was the best choice. It is ironic to think what would have happened if the MSM had done its job and exposed John Edwards for the philandering sleaze bag he proved to be. Hillary would have won Iowa and Obama’s momentum wouldn’t have left the batting box.

We hated the choices the GOP gave us and thought McCain was the worst possible choice. We found a ray of hope when he selected Sarah Palin as his VP. But the McCain campaign ignored Obama’s horrific record, even though Palin was raring at the bit to attack it. The stuff we knew about Obama, the McCain campaign never used. Then McCain goes into panic mode when the financial system threatens to collapse. Obama doesn’t know what to do, so he sits it out, and ends up looking like the competent manager, an illusion promoted by the MSM. Obama wins.

On day one of his presidency, Obama abandons any pretense of bi-partisanship and centrism, key themes of his election campaign, and tacks to the left. He uses his majorities in Congress to pass his Stimulus package (aka Porkulus), the biggest conglomeration of pork barrel politics, leftist wet-dreams, special interest pay-offs, and economic idiocy ever seen in the history of man-kind.

We hear about a Tea Party protest, so we head down to Public Square in Cleveland to join a couple of dozen other protesters holding hand-drawn signs.

Little protests like ours erupted nation-wide. People start taking notice. Not the MSM. Just the people who were informed by the Web. Then,the Obama administration launched Socialist Healthcare. They didn’t call it that, obviously, but that was the model. Tom Daschle, a big fan of the British NHS and its NICE panel was one of the chief architects.

On May 15th, the second Tea Party protest in Cleveland  drew 3000 people.

Suddenly, middle America discovered protesting. We protested outside Congress Critters’ offices. We protested at town hall meetings. We phoned and faxed our servants in Washington. We flooded their email systems.

But Politicians are used to astro-turf campaigns. The Democrats assumed the evil Republicans had launched this grass roots campaign against Obamacare. The evil Republicans couldn’t figure out what was going on, but they sensed that it probably wasn’t a good idea to compromise on Obamacare.

The Tea Parties organized a demonstration in Washington. They got a big-screen TV, a stage, a bunch of loud speakers and set things up to accommodate a crowd of 50,000, Come the day and 1.2 million Tea Party Patriots showed up. We were there. We were stunned.

The MSM ignored us. The politicians saw us and ignored us. The Obama administration continued its drive to take over healthcare.

Come November 4th, and the Obama administration and the Democrat congress got a taste of Democracy. They lost the Governor races in Virginia (expected) and New Jersey (completely unexpected). Despite the fact that Obama had put his prestige on the line in both races, they blamed the losses on local issues. On the same day, a Conservative running in upstate New York narrowly lost to a Democrat backed by the GOP’s favored candidate. The Conservative had no prospect of winning until Tea Partiers got behind him. Palin’s endorsement got him close to the top. We started to understand that we could have an influence, and that grass-roots efforts pay-off.

Teddy Kennedy dies. Thanks to Democrat tinkering with the rules to prevent Governor Romney from appointing a successor to Senator John Kerry, should he beat Bush, Kennedy’s replacement will be democratically elected. The Democrats put up  a party hack with an appalling record as AG. The Republicans put up a guy who posed nude for Cosmopolitan, drives a GM truck on the campaign trail, and works his butt off. Of course, GOP central gave him nothing. How could they win Teddy Kennedy’s old seat? It wasn’t worth trying. But Scott Brown scores a big win in a TV debate when he says Teddy Kennedy’s seat is the people’s seat. Us Tea Party people like that talk. We like a fighter. We like an under dog. We send Scott some dough. We hear he was getting a million bucks a day in the last week of the campaign. That was Tea Party money.

The 2010 mid-terms are upon us. The Tea Party activists have switched tack, and are now working to influence the major parties from the inside. Obviously, the GOP is the primary target, but there are plenty of Democrats inside the movement who want to regain control of their party. The time for demonstrations is over; the time for direct political action is now. We have shown the political class that we are a force to be reckoned with. They can work with us to save America or face our wrath at the polls.