I’m no great fan of Hillary, but I do think she would have been a more pragmatic (i.e infinitely better) President than Obama. During the 2008 campaign, I started tracking some of the pro-Hillary blogs.  The two I book-marked were Hillbuzz and Hillary is 44. Both loathe Obama and the Chicago political machine.  The Hillbuzz blog is run by a group of gay professionals based in Chicago. They have considerable insight into how Democrats operate. They are now being targeted by the likes of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and Moveon.org. They are not being debated on the merits of their arguments, but rather attacked viciously on a personal level. The attackers are trying to destroy the Hillbuzz guys’ careers and personal lives. Worse, they are putting these guys in personal danger:

If you are swimming in the ocean with great white sharks, and someone throws a bucket of blood in the water, then drops a boom box overboard with the sound of seals splashing about, that person has set the stage for epic violence to devour you.

BigotBasher knows we live and work in Chicago.

DailyKos knows the black community in Chicago is routinely exploited by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton to attack anyone they label as “racist”.

DemocraticUnderground knows posting someone’s name and photo in a city with high racial tension, then calling that person a RAACIST, is tantamount to painting a giant target on the guy’s back.

We believe this was the direct intent of the Left in this attack.

We believe they crafted this assault, via BigotBasher, to get one of us beaten up, if not actually killed.

If you don’t like this site and think we are bad writers or don’t know what we are talking about, then don’t read us.  If you disagree with anything we’ve ever written, then counter it point by point academically, like an intellectual.

But, calling someone who lives in a racial tinderbox like Chicago a RAAACIST, then putting his picture up there to make him an easy target…that’s just provoking a physical attack on the person.  What’s next?  Heading out to street corners in bad neighborhoods with flyers and an actual bounty put on a PUMA’s head…just because they don’t agree with you and your devotion to the current president?

All this over a political blog.

All this because we didn’t vote for your candidate, don’t believe he is a good or effective leader, and do not feel this country is headed in the right direction.

Welcome to “The Golden Age of Hope and Change”, where Obama’s Legion of Doom is in never-ending campaign mode, crushing all resistance, and eliminating as many of his opponents on a regular basis.