In supporting Senator McCain’s reelection bid, Governor Palin has earned the ire of RINO-hating conservatives. The backlash in some quarters has been extreme. I wasn’t too happy, as my last post shows. On the other hand, there are some positives. Had she gone back on her word, and bitten the hand that pulled her out of obscurity, she would have been excoriated by the Lame Stream Media. She would also have given credence to the likes of McCain’s campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, who is doing all he can to destroy her in a pitiful attempt at CYA. Why would McCain want her help if she was the diva Schmidt claims?

Governor Palin is meeting her obligation to McCain early in the election cycle and gets it out of the way. She will follow-up by campaigning for true conservatives, such as Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

Our job, as Tea Party/9.12  Patriots, is to focus on supporting conservative American candidates at all levels of government. With any luck, we will see conservative Democrats emerging from the woodwork who deserve our support. Sometimes we are stuck with entrenched incumbents who do not share all of our values. However, they are better than the current crop of Democrat socialists and progressives, who share none of our values. We just need to stop the RNC and GOP establishment from ramming any more RINOs down our throats. Governor Palin can help us do that by using the power of her endorsement; besides McCain, she has only endorsed true Conservatives. We can help by giving directly to conservative candidates rather than the RNC.