Her decision to accept the invitation to speak at the Tea Party Nation convention showed poor judgement. As Politico documents, this convention is not a genuine Tea Party Patriots event. Taking a $100,000 fee, even if she is giving it to her PAC, is also problematic.

Her decision to campaign for McCain is also a double-edged sword. One can understand that she would have a genuine sense of loyalty to the man who plucked her from relative obscurity and put her on the national stage.  But McCain is not a conservative; he is a Republican progressive. He favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. He doesn’t want us to water-board the likes of KSM. He sacrificed his election campaign to support a massive bail-out of banks. Within days of the announcement of her decision to campaign for McCain, his wife and daughter come out for gay marriage. That directly contradicts one of her key social positions. On that issue alone, she should withdraw her support.