The AP headline its report of the 60 Minutes hit piece on Palin with this scary claim:

McCain aide: Palin believed candidacy ‘God’s plan’


They make it sound like Palin believes God picked her out for the role. But that distorts her faith. Remember back to the Charlie Gibson interview where he hounded her on her prayer for departing troops. L Brent Bozell covers it:

But the biggest hot button for liberals in Gibson’s interview was pressing Palin on a prayer she offered at her church, a prayer of hope that by their sacrifice, our American troops are “on a task that is from God.” When the video was revealed by the Obama-lovers at the Huffington Post, an anonymous political operative told NBC “It’s pretty uncomfortable stuff …

Gibson ran the clip and asked, “Are we in a holy war?” Palin answered calmly that she was praying not as if God was on our side, but hoping that we are on God’s side. Despite her explanation that she did not know the mind of God, Gibson wouldn’t let up: “But then are you sending your son on a task that is from God?” She said she didn’t know, but she was so proud.

“Hoping that we are on God’s side” is rather different from believing you are on God’s side. The underlying belief is that we mere mortals cannot know God’s plan or God’s mind. We hope we are on God’s side but we can’t know that.

In Palin’s belief system, everything that happens is part of God’s plan. It is consistent with the belief in a  supreme being, a belief  shared by the three major monotheistic religions. After the surprise of being selected, Palin can look back and say that it was part of God’s plan for her. It is consistent with her faith and with the faith of a majority of Americans.