Even the AGW skeptics buy the implicit assumption that any warming would be bad? Why?

Can too much CO2 in the atmosphere cause catastrophic warming?

All the CO2 locked up in fossil fuels was once in the atmosphere. The Earth survived that. The vast quantities of fossil fuel buried over past millennium represent an order of magnitude decrease in CO2 concentrations over geologic time. The reality is that the atmosphere is CO2 deficient.  Venus has a CO2 rich atmosphere, and that caused alarmists like James Hansen to assume that increasing CO2 concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere would lead to catastrophic global warming. Fellow alarmist, Al Gore, thinks the same way (or wants you to think the same way, because he is making obscene amounts of money off the AGW scam).  So far as we know, photosynthesis was not a factor in the formation of the Venusian atmosphere.


Recycling the carbon in fossil fuels is extremely unlikely to cause a climate catastrophe. It is most likely better for the Earth to increase CO2 concentrations substantially.

How did we cope with a warmer Earth?

Historians can tell more from human records than climate “scientists” can tell from cherry picked tree-ring records. The reality is that the Medieval Warming Period was a much better time for humanity than the Little Ice Age that followed it. Mann, and his Climate-gate conspirators did all they could to suppress any such evidence. When the Earth warms, temperate zones see the benefits. This translates into more natural and agricultural productivity. When productivity declines, war famine, disease and plague follow. That’s what the factual historical record tells us.


We did just fine. Bring it back.