This is an old story attributed to George Bernard Shaw:

A certain gentleman inquired of a lady whether she would be willing to sleep with him for 50,000 pounds. After some hesitation, the lady replied that she supposed she would, in consideration of the magnitude of the offer. Then he asked whether she would sleep with him for twopence.

“Certainly not,” she responded with indignation. “Just what kind of lady do you think I am?”Madam, I believe we have already established that,” he remarked calmly. “Now we are just haggling over the price.”

Senators Mary Landrieu and Nelson signed onto Harry Reid’s secret Healthcare bill, after massive bribes.  Reid bribed them with our money. Not his money, but taxpayer dollars. Admittedly, he didn’t put our money into their bank accounts; he just put it into their states  to boost their reelection chances. Landrieu is an admitted political whore. Nelson was claiming principle on the abortion issue but caved when bribed. He was also threatened in a manner which would have back-fired big-time if he had any spine. But he has proven spineless, just like the rest of his party. Nelson will stick up for the unborn until the price is right. Like I said.