I always try to go back to basics. So, burning fossil fuels is evil and will lead to runaway global warming that will turn Earth into Venus, according to Al Gore, channeling  NASA Scientist James E. Hansen . Huh? Fossil?  Whenever I read about fossil fuels being evil, I think about where fossil fuels came from. Best I can tell, ancient organisms extracted carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, through the miracle of photosynthesis, created organic compounds and released oxygen into the atmosphere. Over the last 500 million years, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration have declined ten-fold. When we extract and burn fossil fuels we are recycling carbon that belongs back in the atmosphere. If plants don’t get enough carbon dioxide they die. If the plants die, they don’t produce oxygen. Ever tried breathing in an oxygen poor environment?

OK, so we know from considering where fossil fuels came from, that burning them is probably better than not burning them. It helps plant-life, which helps plant-eating life, which helps meat-eating life. Moreover, we know carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere were much higher during the geological periods when fossil fuels were being buried rather than recycled. Given that perspective, I find the idea that carbon dioxide could be labelled a pollutant by the EPA to be ludicrous. That doesn’t stop the moronic greenies; moronic including most Democrats, the President,  and every MSM outlet; from promoting the idea that carbon dioxide is an evil pollutant that needs to be regulated out of existence. Tell that to the plants!

The bigger issue is that, in the carbon dioxide depleted atmosphere of the last few million years, the Earth has suffered ice ages. We have a temporary reprieve. Were we in an ice age, my posting location in Cleveland would be buried under a mile of ice.

The next ice age is the real climate challenge. I don’t think we can put enough carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere fast enough to stop the next ice age, even if  carbon dioxide actually is a greenhouse gas.

On every level, climate research has been shown to be a fraud. The models are bunk and the science is junk. We are being asked to destroy our economy based on this fraud?  No thank you, Mr. President.