The President would be doing so much better if he took notice of conservative’s favorite economist. Thomas Sowell gets the heart of the issues with a laser beam.

You can even save money by cutting down on medications to relieve pain, as is already being done in Britain’s government-run medical system. You can save money by not having as many high-tech medical devices like CAT scans or MRIs, and not using the latest medications. Countries with government-run medical systems have fewer of all these things than the United States has.

But reducing these things is not “bringing down the cost of medical care.” It is simply refusing to pay those costs — and taking the consequences.

The consequences are earlier deaths, preventable deaths and needless deaths.

But I don’t think President Obama is willing to listen to a right-wing extremist like Sowell. The debate is not really about healthcare. It is about power. The underlying strategy of the Obama administration is to take control of a sixth of the US economy and unionize it. Should they succeed, they will create an impregnable voting bloc that will block any attempt at reform.

How do I know this? I look across the pond and I see this, the 3rd largest organization in the world. The NHS delivers truly ghastly care, by American standards. Yet, it cannot be reformed because it is so huge. By way of comparison, look at the chances of reforming the American education system in the face of Teachers’ Union opposition. Can we reform when the Union has veto power? Not under any Democrat nor any Republican short of Reagan.

Thomas Sowell gets to the heart of economic issues, and the societal impact of economic ignorance. President Obama is exhibit 1 for economic ignorance. He needs a clue. Thomas Sowell can help.