Hoffman got the Sarah endorsement and the impact was enormous

Politico reports:

Hoffman, whose campaign barely had a presence in the district as recently as two weeks ago, is getting help from a well-oiled conservative ground game, with hundreds of volunteers from tea party groups and leading conservative organizations working in upstate New York to help him get out the vote next Tuesday.

Hoffman’s campaign now has five campaign offices teeming with volunteers across the sprawling district. By contrast, Scozzafava’s campaign has just one office in her home base.

The anti-tax Club for Growth, pro-life Susan B. Anthony’s List, Eagle Forum and anti-illegal immigration Minuteman PAC all have staffers on the ground knocking on doors, making calls to Republican voters and delivering pro-Hoffman literature to churches.

“Our efforts on the ground give a voice to the thousands of voters in the district who believe that life, marriage, and fiscal responsibility all matter. We didn’t create these people. They were there all along, despite being ignored by the Republican Party,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List.

Hoffman has also benefited from national conservative commentators—from Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh—who have been friendly to his campaign on the air, leading many listeners to donate money to his campaign.

As his poll numbers have surged, some of the most prominent names in the Republican Party have bucked the GOP establishment and endorsed him, ranging from Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

The surge in support came when Palin endorsed Hoffman on Facebook last Thursday (October 22, 2009) and used SarahPAC to contribute to his campaign. Scozzafava got no such surge when Newt endorsed her. So, who is more powerful? Sarah or Newt.

Christie is struggling in New Jersey. He may even lose to Corzine. If Hoffman wins and Christie loses, the political landscape will shift dramatically in Palin’s favor.