Not very well, I’m afraid. Even if you didn’t vote for him, you hope your President will serve America well. But President Obama is serving poorly. He seems to be stuck in campaign mode, seemingly unable to understand that the job of President is quite different from the job of running for the job. Every decision is filtered through a highly politicized filter that rules out any action that might offend a key interest group. So, let’s take a look at the record so far.

Obama and the resurgent Democrats rammed though a massive stimulus package that was supposed to pull us out of Bush’s recession. Without Obama’s stimulus package, he claimed that unemployment would hit 8.5%. But he was going to keep it down to 8%. We’re now heading towards 10% with no end in sight. Corporate profits may be improving, but cutting out the fat does that. That is not to denigrate the fat. There are a lot of good people out of jobs because companies closed down complete divisions.

Obama claimed he was going to hit the reset button on foreign affairs. The French (sic) think Obama is gutless on Iran, the Russians know he’s a patsy, the Israelis hate his guts, the Chinese lecture him on the virtues of capitalism, and the UN thinks he’s the answer to their prayers. So much for the reset button.

Obama is trying desperately to close Gitmo. His administration wants to try unlawful combatants in the US civil system. That is incredibly stupid, as the experience with the 1993 WTC bombers showed. We jailed the perpetrators but the organization behind that attack came back in 2001 and completed their mission. You’d almost think Obama was barely aware of any connection between 1993 and 2001 and you’d probably be right.

Obama is trying to move the US healthcare system to the UK model. He seems determined to destroy the world’s remaining source of medical innovation. He probably doesn’t see it that way; he’s more concerned that illegal immigrants should have better access to leading-edge healthcare  than they can get at ER rooms. Old folk, well they should just get counselling as to why they should die sooner rather than later. Most folk are not happy with that notion.

Obama couldn’t even win the Olympics for Chicago. He did get the Nobel Peace Prize, which puts him in the company of Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter.

Obama is still pushing the “Captain Trade” idiocy. He’s from Chicago. Has he seen any nice winters lately? I ran the freak Chicago marathon in 2007 when temperatures hit the 90’s. This year, 40’s. Us mid-west runners are very sensitive to weather and temperature. We ain’t seen no global warming lately. Last year was nasty. Been a while since we had a mild winter.

I just got started and I have a full blog entry.  More soon.