Maybe some of the unemployed Americans would have jobs if the illegal aliens went home. Sure, there are jobs Americans won’t do. But there are also jobs Americans can’t do because employers find it far cheaper to break the law and hire illegals. All it takes is governments to enforce US immigration law.

This Charlotte Observer news story shows that Americans benefit when employers are forced to crack down on illegal workers:

It was a typical sight[sic] except for one thing: Most of the poultry processing workers were African American – not Latino, as they have been for much of the past decade.

House of Raeford, one of the nation’s top chicken and turkey producers, appears to be transforming its workforce amid a court fight over federal charges that a subsidiary knowingly hired illegal immigrants.

Current and former workers at the company’s main plant in Raeford say the firm stopped hiring immigrants in recent months and let hundreds more go for using fake documents.

Once more than 80 percent Latino, the production floor at the Raeford plant is now up to 70 percent African American, workers said.

“Before there were hardly any African Americans,” said Rashida Grace, 19, a line worker who has been at the plant over a year. “Now there are only a few Latinos.”

But now, with unemployment so high, more Americans are seeking jobs they previously avoided. American-born workers in Raeford say there’s no excuse for the company to rely on undocumented labor.

Lamar McCoy, 25, called the changes long overdue. He said several friends and relatives have gotten jobs recently at the plant, including his brother.

“It’s been good for the town, especially black minorities,” said McCoy, who worked at the plant about nine months until this summer. “There are lots of poor black men with not many opportunities…. In a small town like Raeford, there are not many jobs.”

Obama is never going to take on the illegal immigrant lobby groups. When black voters figure out that he favors illegal immigrants over unemployed black Americans, they might start voting in their own interests.

As the example of House of Raeford shows, American unemployment rates would decline if laws that prohibit employers from hiring illegal immigrants were strictly enforced.