Powerline’s Paul covers Obama’s arrogant insistence that Israel halt the construction of 20 apartments in east Jerusalem:

Now, Obama has decided to pick a new fight with Israel by demanding that Israel freeze construction in an east Jerusalem housing complex. At issue are 20 apartments in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in east Jerusalem, near Mount Scopus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the National Police headquarters.

Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected Obama’s demand out of hand. He declared that Jerusalem is an open, undivided city “that has no separation according to religion or national affiliation.” Netanyahu added that “we cannot accept the idea that Jews will not have the right to live and purchase in all parts of Jerusalem.” He explained that, just as there would be an international outcry if Jews were prohibited from buying property in New York, London, Paris or Rome, so too Jews should not be prohibited from buying property in Jerusalem.

Besides uniting Israelis against the US, Obama comes off looking like a messenger boy for the Palestinians.

Obama is also trying to ram limits on CO2 emissions down India’s throat. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the task of persuading India to follow Obama’s lead in throttling their own economy. The Washington Times reports:

Addressing one of the most contentious issues between New Delhi and Washington on the first day of her visit to the Indian capital, Mrs. Clinton tried to focus on the positive aspects of India’s environmental record, such as its interest in clean energy.

Her Indian hosts, however, got straight to the point.

“We are simply not in a position to take on legally binding emissions reduction targets,” India’s minister of environment, Jairam Ramesh, told reporters

The US not in that position either, as Obama’s Cap and Tax bill has stalled in the Senate, and seems likely to die there. Asking other countries to do what the US can’t do makes the US look weak.

Then we have Honduras, where the Obama administration has joined forcres with that most onboxious of Marxists, Mr. Chavez in calling for the return of deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. Mary O’Grady at the WSJ writes:

Mr. Zelaya was shipped out of the country because Honduras believed that jailing him would make him a lightning rod for violence. Interim President Roberto Micheletti promised that presidential elections scheduled for November would go forward.

That might have been the end of it if the U.S. had supported the Honduran rule of law, or simply refrained from meddling. Instead President Obama and the State Department joined Mr. Chávez and his allies in demanding that Mr. Zelaya be restored to power. This has emboldened Venezuela.

It seems Obama is trying to emulate Jimmy Carter in supporting anti-American dictators. Carter has Iran and Venezuela on his resume, to his eternal shame. Does Obama want Honduras on his? Supporting the likes of Chavez and Zelaya can only weaken US influence south of the border.