The NYT reports:

The United States has won an agreement to transfer up to 17 Chinese Muslims from the prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, to Palau, a sparsely populated archipelago in the North Pacific, according to a statement released by Palau to The Associated Press on Wednesday

Three Obama administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity Tuesday because the negotiations were not yet complete, said it was not certain how many of the Uighurs would be settled in Palau. With barely 20,000 people, Palau, about 500 miles east of the Philippines, is one of the world’s least-populated nations, made up of 8 main islands and 250 smaller ones.

The United States has pledged $200 million in long-term development aid to Palau. But a senior State Department official flatly denied it was a quid pro quo for the detainee deal.

So, we are effectively paying each Palau resident $10,000 to take 17 Chinese Muslim trainee terrorists and it is costing US taxpayers $11,764,705 per Uighur. It would have been far cheaper to ship them back to China. They are, after all, Chinese citizens. Given the circumstances of their capture it is certain they are no friends of the US.