The Hammer, quoted on the Corner:

Well, when you hear him airily say that we could have gotten the information from other means, you have to ask yourself, isn’t that exactly what was attempted. And the reason they resorted to the enhanced interrogation is because it didn’t work.

And in the case of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the guy who they knew was the mastermind behind 9/11, the man who boasted of personally beheading Daniel Pearl with a butcher knife, he was asked politely about the plans that he knew about, and his answer was “Soon you will know,” meaning you will be looking in the morgues, counting the American dead, looking in hospitals at those who were destroyed, bodies destroyed in a future attack of which he will tell you nothing right now.

That’s why they used enhanced interrogation, which worked.

How many Danny Pearl’s would it take, how many more 9/11s, before the One stops his moral preening and starts doing his job as CIC?