This AP report tells the story:

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats unveiled an $825 billion economic recovery bill Thursday, unprecedented in its scale and reach, that would provide an enormous infusion of public spending in hopes of kick-starting the sagging economy.
The legislation — two-thirds spending and one-third tax cuts — would provide help for the poor and unemployed and hand out huge grants for local schools and state governments, among its many provisions.
President-elect Barack Obama said it would fulfill his promise of creating or preserving more than 3 million jobs. But Republicans calculated that would equal as much as $275,000 per job.

Yep, $825,000,000,000 divided by 3,000,000 = $275,000. Republicans can do simple math. But the package is economic insanity. Obama is effectively forcing each household in America to contribute $8,250 towards his stimulus package. We’ll pay for it one way or another, too. Taxes must go up, which will wipe out any of the stimulatory effects of the package. Deficits will increase, putting even more pressure on future generations. Inflation will return to steal away our savings.