We’ve been seeing stories and leaks about Sarah being a Diva, Sarah being a spendthrift, Sarah going off-message, and Sarah losing the election for McCain.

So, how come she outdrew McCain and Biden and even Obama at her rallies? How come her addition to the ticket brought in a lot of extra money to GOP coffers? We were determined not to contribute to the GOP or McCain. We supported individual candidates, but not the RNC or McCain. When he selected Sarah, we started contributing.

The real problem is that the McCain camp saddled her with all the McCain positions that cost him so much support within the GOP camp. She sure didn’t look comfortable spewing global warming and cap-and-trade nonsense. I doubt she was on-board with the bail-out.

No, it wasn’t Palin who lost it for McCain; it was McCain who lost it for the GOP. And he lost it when he went all-in for the $700 billion dollar bail-out. Had he opposed it, he would have had Obama and the Democrats supporting Bush in saddling tax-payers with massive future liabilities.

Sarah Palin will be back. McCain won’t. Good.