In a must-read NRO article, Columnist Melanie Philips writes about the advance of Islam in Britain:

The government does nothing to stop the steadily rising number of Muslims coming to settle in Britain who, refusing to assimilate, are steadily changing its demographic, cultural, and political identities. It turns a blind eye to the development of parallel Sharia enclaves practicing polygamy and forced marriage. Indeed, the British state has effectively condoned polygamy by providing welfare benefits for the multiple wives of British Muslim men. But we don’t have to worry, apparently, for no lesser luminaries than the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, and Lord Phillips, the senior Law Lord, have said the application of Sharia family law poses no problems for Britain. Thus British Muslim women are being institutionalised as second-class citizens — with official approval.

The British seem to have forgotten that their home-grown jihadists attacked the British people on 7/7. The Jihadists use the threat of violence to gain privileges for Islam, and the Muslim community takes full advantage. Who can blame them? The British people seem determined to hand over their history, their culture, their country, and the future to Islam.

God help Britain.